Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Diversey General Purpose Spotter - 32 oz.

Removes tough stains, protects against resoiling and deodorizes carpets. Powerful cleaners lift out tough spots and stains, even the most stubborn. Hydrogen peroxide based spotter. Leaves no tacky residue, which means no re-soiling.

Alternate #4192

Pro Line® Bio Spot Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

Cleans and deodorizes organic stains with a very effective surfactant blend.

Alternate #03448

Pro Line® Tannin Carpet Spotter - 25 oz.

Attacks coffee, rust, and tannin-based stains.

Alternate #03447

Bright Solutions® Eraser All Purpose Spotter - Qt.

A water based stain remover that easily removes tough spots from carpet, laundry, and upholstery. Ultra low residue. Carpet friendly. Effective on the toughest stains.

Alternate #BSL9020012

Pro Line® #27 Carpet Spot Remover/Bonnet/Traffic Lane

Helps restore carpets to an excellent freshness and clean releases stains quickly. Excellent on food-stains.

Alternate #41780

Pro Line® General Use Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

A concentrated product designed for solvent spotting and general-purpose spot removal. Designed to remove red dye spots, found in red beverages, and wine spots.

Alternate #03446