Sandwich Wraps


Quilted Plain White Laminated Wrap - 15 x 16

For heat retention and excellent barrier properties.

Alternate #7Q1516


Bagcraft™ EcoCraft® DublShield® Wrap - 15" x 16"

These insulated paper wraps are high-performance multi-function wraps for a wide range of demanding applications. Triangle shaped design creates insulating air pockets keeping food hot and fresh longer than standard wraps. Excellent moisture and grease resistance. Superior heat retention keeps food hot longer than standard one and two ply paper wraps. Innovative functionality keeps different varieties of bread moist or crisp depending on which side of the wrap contacts the food. Upgrade the sustainability of your packaging with the combined benefits of EcoCraft® and commercial compostability.

12" x 12" Greaseproof Wrap - Green Check

Available in various designs.

Dispenser Packed Fast Food Wraps

Dry waxed plain white wraps.

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Bagcraft Packaging™ EcoCraft® Sandwich Wraps & Liners

Multi-purpose sandwich wraps or basket liners. Treated paper resists grease penetration and staining. Breathable paper keeps wrapped breads fresher by allowing steam and moisture to escape. EcoCraft® wraps and liners reduces raw material waste by 20% and are packed in a dispenser box made from 100% recycled fiber.

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Bagcraft™ Grease Resistant Paper Wrap - 12" x 12", White

Treated paper resists grease penetration and staining. Can be used as wraps or basket liners. Breathable paper keeps wrapped breads fresher by allowing steam and moisture to escape.

Bagcraft Packaging™ Printed Grease Resistant Paper Wraps

Use as basket liner or sandwich wrap. Excellent moisture barrier.

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Bagcraft™ Honeycomb Foil Sandwich Wrap

Moisture-absorbing paper layer keeps breads and buns fresh. Takes and holds the shape of wrapped foods with a superior dead-fold design. Surpasses rigid clamshells in raw-material waste reduction and heat retention. Honeycomb design creates air pockets for superior heat retention.

Han-D-Pak™ Dry Waxed Wrap - 12 x 12, Newsprint

The choice for moist sandwich varieties. Contains wet-strength to resist tearing after exposure to moisture. Packaged in dispenser inner boxes strong enough for transport.

Cushion Foil Warming Wraps

These cushion foil warming wraps slow heat loss and provide an excellent thermal barrier. The inner paper lining wicks away excess moisture and keeps hot food fresh, not soggy. Dispenser boxes make storage and handling easy.

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