Food Service Degreaser


3M™ FCS 7A Food Service Degreaser Concentrate - 0.5 Gal.

Removes food and oily soils from hard surfaces such as walls, floors, tables and vinyl. No rinsing is required for floors, saving time and labor. Effectively removes food and oil-based soils. FCS (Flow Control System) 149 ready-to-use gallons.

Alternate #85828

Diversey Suma® Break-Up® ll D3.5 Grease Release Cleaner

Heavy duty foaming. General purpose, solvenated degreaser suitable for manual cleaning of all heavily soiled surfaces in the kitchen. Cuts fast through fats, grease and tallow.

Alternate #95499058

Diversey Suma® Break-Up® Degreaser - 1.5 L RTD®

High foaming degreaser. Specially-formulated for removal of protein, fats and food residues. Dark green in color with no fragrance added. NSF A1 Registered.

Alternate #93313117