Fuel / Warmer Candles


Sterno® Pillar Candle - 6.5", Ivory

Provides the intimate and calming glow of a traditional wax candle. 6.5" H x 3" D.

Alternate #40164

LE-JO Dine-Aglow 10-Hour Solid Wax Votive Food Warmer

Unscented. Often used to warm food or create ambiance on wedding tables and at catering events. Burns evenly. 1.125" high, 1.375" diameter.

Alternate #DWV510

Candle Lamp® Power Heat + Ethonal Gel

Reliable ethanol gel for maximum heat in the most popular 2-hour burn time. New high-strength steel, litho can provides extra dent & leak prevention.

Alternate #PH0010

LE-JO Dine-Aglow 8-Hour Liquid Wax Fuel Cell

Perfect for all small lamps and candles.

Alternate #DF8

Candle Lamp® Safe Heat® Chafing Fuel - 2 Hour

Up to 2 hours burn time per can. Standard wick provides a medium width, steady flame. Twist cap design allows for easy storage and reuse. Ideal for room service, beverage urns and fondue.

Alternate #H0048

LE-JO Flame Tamer Heavy Duty Utility Lighter

The ultimate heavy duty utility lighter. Longer reach for safer use. 40% larger fuel capacity for more lights. Visible fuel reservoir. Ergonomic handle design. Child resistant feature. 2 per card, 12 cards per case.

Alternate #DAM1000

LE-JO Dine-Aglow Bulk Lamp Fuel - Gal.

The cleanest lamp oil available globally. Our exclusive oil is highly refined for the cleanest and safest burn.

Alternate #DBF410

LE-JO Diablo® Butane Fuel

Burn time of 2 hours on high, 4 hours on simmer. For use in portable gas stoves.

Alternate #DHBG100

LE-JO Dine-A-Heat Blue Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel

2.5 hour burn time.

Alternate #DHB1000

LE-JO Diablo Wick Fuel - 6 Hour

The exclusive patented "Double-Wide" wick design ensures the highest heat output, resealable, reusable, 214° F heat output. No other chafing fuel product produces Diablo's heat output, consistency of heat and burn time. Screw cap. True burn time guarantee.

LE-JO Dine-Aglow Liquid Wax Cells

True burn time guarantee, odorless, clean burning. Consistent flame height.

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Sterno® Butane Lighter

Disposable. Multi-purpose with adjustable flame. Child resistant safety lock.

Alternate #50112


Candle Lamp® Green Heat™ Chafing Dish Fuel - 2 Hour

Available in 1, 2 and 3 hour solutions. This heating fuel offers foodservice customers an environmentally-friendly option for their businesses. GREEN HEAT's concentrated gel formula is created from plant-derived, corn-based ethanol. Fully sustainable and renewable, GREEN HEAT™ is biodegradable and does not contain any toxic, poisonous, methanol-based denaturants. Earned approval as an environmentally-preferred product from the Enviro Kleen™ "Green" certification program. It's been tested and proven to be THE environmentally friendly chafing fuel for foodservice operators everywhere.

Candle Lamp® Safe Heat® Chafing Fuel - 6 Hour

Patented POWER PAD® top for wider, consistently hot flame. Best-selling, screw-cap design for convenient storage & reuse. High-strength steel can.